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Old 04-21-2009, 04:23
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Lightbulb FAQ: Class C IPs, class B IPs and class A IPs (example)

WestNIC provided free class C IPs to all resellers. IPv4 has been finished in 2012, so this article can be used for informational purposes only. Here you can find answers to most frequently asked questions.

- What is class C IP?

An IP consist of 4 parts: AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD. So any IP under the last part will be in the same C-class. Let's see live example: and are in the same C-class but and are in two different C-classes

Most providers offer IPs in the same class C or class C IPs for extra $$. We provide class C IPs for free. We may also offer rare class B blocks and even rarest, hard to find class A blocks, here is live example: (westnic.net) (munich.westnic.de) - class B network in Munich, Germany.

Of course we cannot deploy as many class C/B IPs as we like. We usually get IPs for SSL sites (by the way, we provide free dedicated 256 bit certificates and free installations) and 99% of them allocated immediately. However, some IPs being dropped due to account transfers and upgrades/downgrades. That's how you may get class C or even class B.

More information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classful_network

- Would it give better ranking on search engines?

We had never used SEO and cannot comment on this subject, however, many people believe that it does affect ranking. You will find many topics on class C IP / SEO on google.

- Is there extra redundancy?

All IPs are hosted on the same server. However, shared IPs are being shared between many domains. If one get blacklisted, all domains will be blacklisted. It's also easy to find other domains on the same IP via public IP tools.

- How many IPs can I get?

We usually have 5 class C IPs per reseller server. Some old servers have over 10 class C IPs. Some servers have class B IPs (rarest blocks). We cannot guarantee availability of class B / class C IPs.

- Can I get more class C IPs if I order two reseller accounts?

Absolutely! Simply tell us to setup secondary account on different server or different data center.

- Can I get class B IP?

You may get it. It depends on the server. If server is new, most likely it contains only 2 class C IPs.

- Is there any requirement?


- domain name must be added via Web Hosting Manager under shared IP, we cannot assign IPs to addon domains (domains added via cPanel);
- Please submit support ticket with domain name and server ID here: https://support.westnic.net . We usually assign basic dedicated IP within 1 hour. It takes 48 hours to assign different class C IPs (especially if you request many). We appreciate your patience.
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