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Old 05-18-2009, 22:08
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Angry Java script viruses, iframe, unknown code inside php or html

If you receive virus warning during website visit or noticed unknown java script code or iframe tags, your computer / site has been compromised or FTP username / password was easy to guess. Please do the following:

1. Scan your computer with latest Antivirus program. We do recommend Kaspersky Internet Security.

2. Never use insecure cPanel/WHM ports (2082 / 2086). Do not use insecure webmail ports (2095)

3. Change site password at once. Password must be complicated, for example: JH28Q!$11(). When you create new account via Web Hosting Manager, try to avoid easy to guess usernames like "mike", "admin", "test", "nyc", "forums" etc. Good username should look like this: mikezny8c

4. Stop using old, insecure and completely outdated FrontPage! Replace it with legal copy of CuteFTP or WS FTP Pro. You may also use embedded File Manager with https:// connection. You can remove FrontPage Extensions via WHM > Frontpage > Uninstall FP.

5. Upload content using SFTP instead of FTP. When you connect to regular FTP, username/password may be exposed.

6. Remove all unneeded php scripts (close all back doors!). If you need specific php script, please visit script vendor and check for updates / patches. Each script must be updated at least once per month. If you don't have time for updates, you will lose site data.

7. Never use permissions 666, 777 (or anything higher than 755) on folders and files even if your script requires such permissions.

8. Remove malicious code manually from each page. Most malware begins with iframe or java script tags. Please contact us for assistance (we can check html or php code for you).

Please note: WestNIC provides server security. We had never supported php/cgi scripts. All users must update php scripts on regular basis, change site passwords, check their computers with latest Antivirus software, manage personal firewall etc.

Read more about "iframe virus" (external links)

Website infected with an iframe or malware java script?
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