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Lightbulb Howto: add google apps to your domain name

If you wish to add google apps, for example, mail, calendar, weather etc to your domain name, please follow these steps:

1. Sign up for google apps services:
2. Activate your service with Google
3. Change MX settings via WHM > DNS Functions > Edit DNS zone > Select domain name. Please use ALL MX records provided by Google. If you use one or two, mail most likely fail since many users utilize google apps.
4. Wait for 12 hours (dns propagation / google apps service activation).
5. Submit support ticket to us: for local mail servers removal. Example of valid ticket:

"Hello, please remove local mail servers from My username to cPanel: Username. My password: Password."

We will remove local mail servers so all mail will be processed properly by Google. If you do not remove local mail servers, mail will bounce with "user not found" errors!

Please remember: you cannot use both Google Apps and our mail servers.
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